About us

Born in Indiana to Charles and JoAnn Brewster, Karla "Raye" Brewster has had a lifelong love affair with animals.

Having her 1st paying Horse training customer at the ripe old age of 10, and her 1st paying Dog Training customer at 14, Karla has had years of animal training under her belt.

Showing and training in 4H obedience and horsemanship classes, winning state competitions, and titling her dogs in obedience, schutzhund, and other K-9 events has enabled her to understand how dogs think and what their reactions will be.

She spent time away from home, working for the government, and was dogless for about 8 yrs, but upon returning to day to day life, she decided to attend dog training schools.  While she knew how to train a dog, she knew that she would learn more about how to put it all together to help your dog become the best that it could be!

National K9, Purdue University, a BA in Psychology, are all part of her training program.

She has apprenticed with the DOD and been a consultant for their former training program based at Fort Knox and Leavenworth, where she assisted in teaching military inmates to train service dogs for disabled veterans.

She has trained or supervised the training of over 5000 dogs and their owners and over 300 service dogs and their handlers!